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Grape garnet in white gold

Grape garnet in white gold

A beautiful and natural oval-cut grape garnet from Mozambique. Placed in a classic 14k white gold setting, the gem displays it's untreated color with pride. One of the very few of these stones we have had an opportunity to work with in our store!


Material Specifications:

Grape Garnet weight: 1.68 carats

14 karat white gold weight: 3.57 grams


Price: $1,250

  • Fun Fact!

    Garnets come in many colors of the rainbow, and this species of garnet was very recently discovered in 2016! It is very rare to find a speciemen above 3 carats. Since there is only one known mine where these are mined, a rebel group in Mozambique controls the deposit. Obtaining these stones is very difficult now since political strife has impeded on such beauties being seen all over!