The Maldonado Tradition      

The Maldonado name is well known thoughout Ecuador. They are a family of Master Jewelers. For decades, the Maldonado family produced crowns, church artifacts, and unique jewelry of the highest quality. Pedro Maldonado continues the family tradition as a Master Jewelry Artisan. Pedro graduated at the College of CREA, Ecuador's Institute of Arts & Crafts. He traveled throughout Europe to research and learn the skills of the Old Master Jewelers and learned the techniques of Russian, Greek, and Italian jewelers. Wanting to further enhance his craft, Pedro moved to New York, where he worked with the renowned jeweler, Louise Tamis, whose list of clients include Cartier, Tiffany, and Bugari. Pedro's studio has been in Palm Beach for over 25 years. His art is for those who prefer their jewelry custom made with the mark of distinction.